Assuming the responsibility of one’s own professional future, the experience of choosing the career one wants, the courage to accept challenges, integrity and self-confidence are the punt due to which we have created CDC. We want to find these qualities in every young person and in this way to contribute in Romania’s transformation.

The relationship CDC- academic environment reported to students is one of context – content. The university ensures for every student the necessary content and the technical resources to have a career in the domain they have already chosen.

CDC’s vocation is to create in every student the context for a successful career. The context actually refers to the vision they have regarding life, environment, money, relationships, future. We achieve this thing by putting in front of students different models, businessmen and personalities form different domains, Romanians and foreigners, from who they can understand, see and feel the perspectives and the attitude of a successful person.

Also, with projects in partnership with the business environment, public institutions, nongovernmental organizations, we expose the youth to a variety of career options as they can chose what suits with their personality. This is how we create the premises of young generations who can honor and who, by their demarches, workplaces and business they initiate will contribute to the economical growth of the country and the quality of life of all the people who surround them.



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